Requesting Blogger Links- What You Should Know All

If you are a blogger that is searching for blog exposure, then you know how important getting referral traffic can be. Networking with other bloggers and sharing content can help you get referral traffic from other blogs within your niche. For example, a blogger might like your post and forward it to their readers. This will create a surge of traffic for your blog. However, it is not a written law that you just have to don’t do anything and wait for things to happen. This is because as a blogger you should be always promote your blog in every possible manner. This is why asking for links from other bloggers can be very good for your blog. This is both in terms of referral visitors and also link building for SEO.

First, be certain that what you are offering is something that other bloggers do not want to go without. This can be done by making an even better blog post and providing something free with it. All you have to do is give away a picture that is related to your post so that they can put it with your blog post. Although this does not have to happen with each blog post, it works very well if your post is discussing a specific product.

For example, if your post is talking about Play Station two, then you can provide a picture that relates to the product. Obviously, you have to own the picture’s copyright of it is copyright free. Your plan is to help them make great posts without having them to do a lot of hard work. That is the key issue. When other bloggers can tell that you are working very hard to make things a lot better for them, they will have the desire to link to your blog.

Secondly, you should keep check on your link requesting practice at each turn. If you can tell that particular kinds of links are getting more exposed, this says that you must write even more posts on that specific subject. The more you follow up on this subject, the better material you will be able to offer other blogs at a later time. Every blog that refuses to accept your link or accepts it, whatever be the case, it teaches you something. In addition, when you know how it is all done, anytime you ask for a link, it will be accepted.

Last, you will learn via experience and improve your strategy for asking for links. You will know which bloggers respond to you when you ask them for links. You will find out what types of links will get the most response from the bloggers in your related market. So make sure you’re learning at each and every step, and improve your overall approach to it. If you start to see that a specific member of your blogging community is not responding to your link requests, maybe you should shop sending them to that blogger. You might be irritating them or they just are not interested. So if anyone has requested that you stop sending them links, then you do what they have requested. Finally, this article shows how the blogging environment operates internally and what it takes to get backlinks from the correct types of blogs. Obviously, you will have to put plenty of effort into it in the beginning. But networking with other related blogs in your niche and getting links from them will greatly help. You have to concentrate on everything and do not think about stopping when the momentum slows down. Make sure you make use of Headway Themes coupon and 8Bit Live Theme discounts for your themes too!

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A Broad Evaluation Of Blogging To The Bank 2011

The Internet marketing world is abuzz with yet another product launch from none other than Rob Benwell, who is responsible for giving us the best strategies when it comes to making money through blogging. Rob is once again unleashing his thriving product Blogging to the Bank 2011 on January 24th – which implies that you have the ability to acquire the latest blogging maneuvers for making money. When it gets down to earning money from your blog, Rob is the most cherished specialist on the issue; he recognizes what works currently, not what worked five years earlier. In the subsequent review article, we will delve into what makes Blogging to the Bank 2011 atypical and why you should acquire it. You might be in the Bleepli promo or Mark Ling Traffic Travis 3 niche, it doesn’t matter.

This course will teach you everything that you need to know about making money from your blog. The secrets contained in this course are eye popping just like the secrets you learned with earlier versions. Spending time working on a blog that won’t make you any money and that’s why this course is so vital to so many people. Starting a blog that earns money with no real effort on your part is no longer an option. Things are a lot different now and the competition is fierce. The things that you are going to learn in this course are unique and made to work with the real market as it exists now. The best part about this specific course is how it is limitless, you can use it to help you grow as big of a blogging empire as you’d like to grow.

Blogging to the Bank 2011 is just one of the Internet Marketing courses that was built with bloggers in mind. It will give you actually usable techniques to help you earn as much money as possible for a very successful blog. The roadmap in this blog teaches you exactly how to form a long term income through a blog that you create on your own. Not all bloggers understand how to build a total blogging empire for yourself but if you take this course, you will learn how to do just that.

You won’t have to worry about understanding all of the complicated details of building your own blog because this is where you will learn how to build real blogs with just a couple of clicks. You will also be able to learn awesome traffic generation methods that will help you draw in the right type of blog visitors. Using these blogging methods, you’ll also be able to build an instantly credible reputation for yourself in your niche.

In conclusion, Blogging to the Bank 2011 is the real deal: you’ll learn how to start your own blog, use it to make money and profit regularly; it’s definitely worth your cash.

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The Secret Way To Making Money On The Internet

Many people on the internet often don’t know the secrets of gurus in the online marketing business via an easy money making ideas and techniques. Many might be wondering about the easy money making ideas. Though, many folks have websites with a wonderful product and content, well design with rich graphical presentation and layout and yet No Sell. No Profits. This has made many give up in their online biz.

Ok! Let me open your eyes now on the easy money making ideas with your beautiful website. They are the following:

1. I’ll get right to the point. I’ll give you the best site and then other methods after. The best place to make easy money on the internet is here: How To Make Money Online

2. Put Freebies In Your Website. This is a good easy money making ideas. People love free things no matter how small. So if don’t have freebies, search or create one that is related to your site theme and upload to your site. Many will refer your site to their pals to get their own chunk and through this means; you will get higher traffic and sales, if are making easy money making ideas.

3. Offer Bonus: Here is another easy money making ideas. If you think that your product will only sell simply because its’ wonderful caption and headline without a bonus attach to it, you are simply joking. See, with a free bonus attacked to your easy money making ideas product, many will jump to grab it because of the added bonus. They simply want more value to their money. So attach quality to bonus(es) to your product now and see your sell sky rocked.

4. Use Other Person Opt-in-list. Here’s another easy money making ideas. Request to use other person’s in-list provided that you have very rich and quality information to offer. You can also offer discount in your product. You can negotiate for a joint venture with people on the same theme like easy money making ideas, but the owner of the list many like to see what you have before he allow you to use his list to promote your product(s).

5. Create a Back-end. For a wonderful easy money making ideas, leave your series of affiliate links in your freebies and bonuses.

6. Turn Your Traffic Into An Affiliate: You may have a blog on Easy Money Making ideas with high traffic without interest in real online living so, choose to refer your visitors to good product. It’s a WIN:WIN Proposition. You win, your visitors win.

7. Create ManyEasy Money Making Ideas Website. Learn to create many website with rich content, monetize it with google adsense and get a high CTR, instead of having just only a site.

8. Get Others To Promote Your Product: If you have a product like ebook on easy money making ideas. Simply register it with clickbank as a publisher. Create an affiliate link for it in clickbank and see people promoting it for you. The clickbank will handle your easy money making ideas product affiliate promotion for you while your duty is to be collecting check on weekly basics from Clickbank.

9. Use blog: Create a free blog on on any buisness like easy money making ideas and use it to leverage your income.

10. ebay: ebay is well known as the world’s most successful and highly visited online sales & auction website. Leverage your income by selling “informational product” about easy money making ideas online.

11. Create an easy money making ideas ebook: Create ebook and have your affiliate links embedded in it. This ensures a high conversion rate. You can partner with people on easy money making ideas.

12. Article Marketing i.e easy money making ideas; This is one of the best ways to promote your site. Just write an article on easy money making ideas distribute it to various articles directory (including a brief biography and a link to your site). Articles databases:,

13. As you market your easy money making ideas, don’t forget to create your mailing list. This will help you to keep contact touch with your customers on your easy money making ideas.

Ways For College Students To Make Money

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Online Contributions

I wish to thank all my followers a very big thank you. Your comments and suggestions have helped me a lot in writing to keep this blog up and running always. What did I mean by online contributions?

We live in a world of great opportunities and with this we can make a lot of difference to save “MOTHER EARTH” from further destructions. Going green means different things to different people. Generally to me it means reducing climate change, reuse, recycle, reduce, being energy efficient, conserving resources and ecosystems, reducing pollution and also being fully aware about social issues.

I want to start a green awareness campaign and to carry out programs to create awareness to all age groups of individuals to make this HOME of ours a better pace to live in through this website of mine. I am looking forward for funds to carry out this noble cause. There is a lot to learn and a lot to do and a lot to give back. I would really appreciate if you can make online contributions of just USD1.00 and at the same time to be part of this great cause. I am also looking to create a business opportunity to have series of green net-workers. Your online contributions means so much to me.

For your online contributions just click on the tab GREEN DONATION at the sidebar to make payments.

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What are Eco Friendly Products?

What are Eco Friendly Products?

The environment that we live in is vital for our survival. How we treat the environment has a direct impact on the quality of our lives. A lot of awareness is being raised about eco friendly products. These eco friendly products are designed to keep the environment clean and green.

Eco friendly products are those goods and services that are manufactured in an environmental friendly manner. The production and use of these eco friendly products leave no negative impact on the environment.

Harmful effects of industries on the environment

For many years now, industries have been emitting harmful chemicals into the environment. These industries manufacture a variety of products that in turn cause more harm to the environment. These harmful gases and chemicals degrade the quality of air around us leading to air pollution. As a result many people fall victim to health complications such as asthma, allergies, respiratory diseases, and others. The main goal of eco friendly products is to create goods and services that are gentle on the environment.

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Make Enthusiasm A Part Of Your Life

This picture was taken by my son S. Vishnunanda in my lawn

The enthusiasm simply means “great excitement for an interest in a subject or a cause”. It is the stepping stone of achieving your dreams whatever it will be.

I was introduced to this novel called “ENTHUSIASM” by my dear friend Viviana Widjaja. I must say this book is really inspiring. It was a great motivation for me since I started reading this book. I have never heard about Fida R. Abbott until I read this book. Every page was told about her determination, struggle and desire in life to become a published author. Her journey and her wisdom of day to day life with her family and children was her pillar of strength.

I really give a salute to Fida R. Abbott for her sheer determination, passion and courage in writing this book. She had the enthusiasm to make her dream a reality. I really appreciate her for sharing her journey of becoming an author and eventually publishing her book and also becoming a winner of the Book Pinnacle Achievement Award Spring 2010 winner. You are truly an eye opener for aspiring writers like me.

I also salute her husband for being so positive and so encouraging in her work. As the saying “behind every successful women there is a man beside her”.

Anyone who has dreams of becoming a writer or anyone who are simply looking for an inspiration in their life to pursue a goal or a dream should read this book.

Above is my picture holding Enthusiasm novel. The photo was taken by my son S. Vishnunanda on September 27, 2010.  This photo is for Enthusiasm Novel Photo and Review Contest. Please participate in the contest if you are interested.

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Benefits of Eco Friendly Household Products

Going green is very much in and what better way to start than to use eco friendly household products? When you use eco friendly products to keep your home clean and green, you are sure to feel the difference. More and more people have begun to realize that maintaining homes with eco friendly household products significantly helps in making the planet a better place.

Making the difference

The planet is experiencing climate change and that is not very good news for everyone living in it. However, the real good news is that you can make a difference, and that too in your own small way. You will not have to spend lots of money to get eco friendly household products; in fact most of the things that you will need will be available in your kitchen garden or kitchen shelf. It is really easy to make a difference and your home is the right place to start.

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