Make Money Online without Spending a Dime: Get paid for what and who you know

Making money online is becoming fashionable these days. People having good command over English language or having good typing skills, can make money easily. It is like work with freedom and comfort from your home. Many of my friends and family hardly believe that one can legally make money doing simple things like payment for surveys, online or offline data entry jobs, filling forms, freelance writing etc. Internet is the sea of opportunities as well as pool of scams as well. So, it becomes intricate to find authentic websites that really pay to the people for their work.

For anyone who really desires to start working online without spending a dime, here are few tips and suggestions.

Paid Surveys:

This requires negligible effort as you just have to give your opinions about specific products or services which you are using. Research companies or marketing firms try to gather information from consumers for the betterment and development of their products and services. A typical survey would take 15- 20 minutes and will give you something around $3-80 per survey. Now it depends how much time you can spare on the basis of which you will get your earnings. All you need is to give your frank and honest opinions.

Filling forms:

All it takes is a little bit of patience to fill out forms online with information like name, location or sex etc. Also, as your browser saves a lot of data, you don’t need to actually fill out everything. Every form will take approximately 10 minutes and you can earn anything from $5- $ 20.


It is fun to showcase your ideas and share your thoughts on any topic of your choice. People having knack for writing, can try their skills and share knowledge with rest of the world. Regular bloggers will find it easy as they come out with short articles every time for their readers. The more interesting and informative more will be the earnings as well.  There are some websites who need you to write some 600-800 words articles having specific words in your article to boost their sales and promote their products having search engine optimization.

Internet marketing:

It is the most lucrative way to make money online for the people with free time to craft and promote websites. Although no experience is essential, adequate time and start up cost is required to try your hands into marketing. This is something that if you put in sufficient time and effort, you could quit your job and become a full time marketer.

Uploading and sharing:

A number of websites pay you for uploading files, power point presentations and study materials on their websites which will fetch you money. In fact, some offer you to upload and share photos of your vacation, trips and scenic beauty for a good amount.


A person can register his skills and educational qualifications on websites where he can provide services as a freelancer for accounting, administration, human resource or content writers. All he needs to do is bidding on projects or on jobs and quote least price.

So, before starting any of the work above, a person needs to check for the authenticity of the websites as well as proofs of payments, and then he can go for it. As you hardly invest anything except time, you can surely try one of the above listed methods to earn online and keep going.

About the author: By profession, Amanda Kidd is a blogger and writer. Amongst all, topics related to luxury world excite her most and she enjoys writing on most expensive things in the world. Recently she is working on a blog related to the most expensive dog in the world. The author loves dogs.

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