Make Enthusiasm A Part Of Your Life

This picture was taken by my son S. Vishnunanda in my lawn

The enthusiasm simply means “great excitement for an interest in a subject or a cause”. It is the stepping stone of achieving your dreams whatever it will be.

I was introduced to this novel called “ENTHUSIASM” by my dear friend Viviana Widjaja. I must say this book is really inspiring. It was a great motivation for me since I started reading this book. I have never heard about Fida R. Abbott until I read this book. Every page was told about her determination, struggle and desire in life to become a published author. Her journey and her wisdom of day to day life with her family and children was her pillar of strength.

I really give a salute to Fida R. Abbott for her sheer determination, passion and courage in writing this book. She had the enthusiasm to make her dream a reality. I really appreciate her for sharing her journey of becoming an author and eventually publishing her book and also becoming a winner of the Book Pinnacle Achievement Award Spring 2010 winner. You are truly an eye opener for aspiring writers like me.

I also salute her husband for being so positive and so encouraging in her work. As the saying “behind every successful women there is a man beside her”.

Anyone who has dreams of becoming a writer or anyone who are simply looking for an inspiration in their life to pursue a goal or a dream should read this book.

Above is my picture holding Enthusiasm novel. The photo was taken by my son S. Vishnunanda on September 27, 2010.  This photo is for Enthusiasm Novel Photo and Review Contest. Please participate in the contest if you are interested.

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I am a bloggermom fun ways to make money and I have 2 loving kids. This is my gateway as a stay at home mom towards financial freedom.
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  1. Fida Abbott says:

    Hello Theivanai,

    What a BIG SURPRISE!!!
    I’m so happy to have a new blogger friend who is also interested to read my recent novel, especially if the story has given you motivation and inspiration as aspiring writer.

    Thank you for your interest to participate in these contests. Your entry has been submitted well and has been published at my special book blog at Please check this out!

    Next several announcements will be posted at my personal blog at If you don’t want to miss any news, you may subscribe in email or etc.

    Good Luck and say thanks for your son, Vishnunanda who had taken your picture. How old is he??
    Fida Abbott´s last blog post ..NOVEL ENTHUSIASM- Review from Theivanai Malaysia

  2. Hello thanks for yet another very interesting post. Where do you find your inspiration for all this :|?

  3. Theivanai says:

    Thank you, very much. My son is 8 years old. He is very fond of photography. I am encouraging him in that field.

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